About The Hill Companies & Harvard Investments, Inc

Mariposa East, LP, an affiliate of Harvard Investments, Inc. purchased Mariposa East in 2014. Harvard Investments is the US subsidiary of The Hill Companies; a family-owned company based in western Canada. The Hill Companies has roots that go back to 1903, when it specialized in real estate development and insurance. More diversified today, Hill Companies continues to develop real estate, and has added other businesses, including oil and gas production and distribution, broadcasting, manufacturing, and more. To learn more about Harvard Investments, visit http://www.harvardinvestments.com.

Harvard Investments has over 30 years’ experience in community and property development throughout the Southwest and specializes in building award-winning, fully planned communities—each one committed to the principles of quality, longevity and sustainability. The 1,465 acres of Mariposa East will continue to be developed over time. Today, more than 500 residents enjoy the amenities, neighborhoods and homes built at Mariposa East.

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Cadence at Gateway
La Barrance
Madera Heights
Talking Rock Ranch, Prescott, AZ

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